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Android Netrunner Store Championships

Just in time for Comicon! We are proud to partner with Fantasy Flight Games and our local runners to bring you one of the last Store Championships of the season! 10am to (for some competitors) 4pm, 18 players max, $10 prepay (preregistration is now open in person or...

Dark Heron Pint Night

Still need passes to this weekend’s Emerald City Comicon? Come win ’em! Local heroes, Fremont Brewing, are unveiling this year’s official ECCC Beer, Dark Heron, (a brooding IPA committed to justice) and are offering up pint glass specials, a cosplay...
Now Open for Morning Espresso!

Now Open for Morning Espresso!

Raygun Lounge has spent nearly five years at 501 Pine happily serving gamers of all ilk in the afternoons and evening. While searching for ways to improve, we stumbled onto the simplest solution – be open MORE!