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Newman/Hogrefe Going Away Party

Though we’ve held them as long as we can, it’s time for longtime store friend and eventual employee Elliot Newman, his wife Danielle, and their two children to head off to Ohio to open their own game lounge in Columbus. While this is a private event, if...

Nerdhole Party Game Night!

The amazing team behind Nerdhole are coming in to host this month’s Party Game Night! They are bright, they are witty, they love games (and movies and shows and comics and all that other stuff you’re into) AND they’re coming in to play games with...

Android Netrunner Store Championships

Our 2015 Android Netrunner Store Championship will accept 32 players and consist of 4 rounds of Swiss before cutting to a double elimination for top 8. Entrance fee is $10 and in-person preregistration is now open.