Shadowrun Returns Art Opening

Harebrained Schemes presents ‘The Art of Shadowrun Returns,’ an original BLITZ Art Walk art show featuring works by artists such as Mike McCain, Fiona Turner & Maury Weiss as well as others. Artists and Game Designers will be in attendance.

13th Age: tomorrow’s RPG, today

A few Sundays ago, I had a gaming opportunity that not everybody gets a chance to experience. It was crazy! It had costumes! It had demons! It had possession! It had well-known game designers! It may have been the craziest four hours of role-playing in all of Seattle...

Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the… South?

I am at home in filth. Not in the sense that I’m dirty. I’m not a slob. I hate being sweaty and I hate grime and trash, and I’d never let my apartment devolve into literal, physical filth. By all accounts, the bachelor pad I share with my roommate is...

13th Age

13th Age is the newest fantasy RPG from designers Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo. Learn how to play this exciting new story game/fantasy RPG hybrid in a beginner friendly environment. No experience necessary. New players encouraged.