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That’s right! We’ve got everything that you need to keep you Geek Girl spirit alive and well all year long. Starting with tickets to this year’s event!

We still have Saturday, Sunday and All Weekend passes available for this year’s event but supplies are limited and because we’re the closest venue to it (we’re just a quick walk away!) we do tend to sell out. So come get yours now!

Once you have your passes and have arrived one night early to get ready, come out and meet some of your fellow Geek Girls at our all ages venue where you can enjoy pinball, retro arcade games, food, drink, good inclusive company and play games out of our curated library like Food Truck Champion by GeekGirlCon ‘Non Traditional Games’ panelist Nicole Jekich.

Then be here for you all weekend long from noon to midnight every day in case you need a short break but don’t want to leave the geeky action entirely and are a great place to decompress and debrief with your team after the con is over this Sunday night.

And, though this year’s con will eventually wrap, we’ll keep the spirit alive until next year with great events like monthly open play D&D from the team that will be running GCC’s D&D tables this weekend, Cards Against Humanity with Donnatella Howe and weekly Gaym Nights with the Seattle Gaymers. All of which and more, you can always find our Special Events Page. We look forward to hosting you and your event soon!