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The cuteness…it is melting my brain!

Ok, I’m sure when Funko says they’re releasing Guardians of the Galaxy figures they’re going to release all the main characters. But, I really don’t see the point. Look at this cute little motherf&#%er! At this point I’m buying them in bulk and covering my entire apartment in dancing Groots. They are successfully filling the dark and cavernous hole I have in the very core of my being. These guys are MAGICAL.

But, for sake of argument, I suppose I should show you some of the others. Because apparently you’re so jaded you can’t be swayed by the platonic ideal of cuteness.

gammaray games rocket racoon actionfigures

You’d be cuter if you weren’t so angry, Rocket.

gammaray games star lord actionfigures

On top of all the Guardians mandness Funko lkeeps putting out the good stuff with the Big Lebowski and Adventure Time sets.

gammaray games big lebowski
That little Walter may have to find a place amongst the sea of dancing Groots. He seems like a pretty rad dude to have around in a crisis…unless it’s Shabbos.
Now, do as I have and fill your life with Groots!