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Yes, that’s right. It’s time for The Emerald City‘s very own Comic Con.

And while it’s technically true that this important cultural event actually happens at the Washington State Convention Center, everybody who’s anybody knows that the real action happens up here, a short walk away from the center proper at our very own Raygun Lounge.

And to prove it, we’ve got ECCC themed events all week long just to entice you up the road, starting on Wednesday night with our release party for Emerald City Comic Con’s official beer (yes, that’s actually a real thing!), Fremont Brewing’s Dark Heron!
dark heron
Then, on Thursday, join those happy mutants, the Seattle Critters, for a viewing of the latest episode of their favorite show in the whole world, Critical Role!
Crit Role
And on Friday, things just get bananae up in here, with special guests from all over the pop cultural spectrum like Miss Miniver, Espionage Cosmetics & Outsider Comics coming in for our back to back meetups and cosplay contests by our friends Geek Girl Brunch and NW Nerd.
Cos banner
Then on Saturday, we follow very special Comicon episodes of our regular Saturday Morning Magic & Gamers of Color events with Critter Crawl 3 – now in 3D!

And the ECCC madness just does not stop! Because on Sunday (…Sunday! Sunday!) we’ve got Special Guests Jobe Bittman and Judge Zedd running the worlds first (I can’t back that up. But it sure sounds good, doesn’t it?) Dungeon Crawl Classics Tournament! I can’t imagine how that works but apparently you can actually win stuff so come on down and get your swag on.
thieves (2)
And then, after that, we just flip the script, and do it all again. Or something like it. Seriously, it’s crazy around here these days. As always you can learn more about these and all of our upcoming events on our very own Events Page. And if you’re any where in our little Emerald City and need to come find us, just follow the yellow brick road (we call it East Pine, you call it anything you want to).