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When I told our newest hire, clean cut personal trainer Tanner, that we’re gonna put him in charge this Friday through Sunday, he was all like, “Good! Because…

To which I was all like, “well then this weekend better be bigger for us than…

To which he was all like, “great I’ll bring in my mini pool and my slip and slide,” to which I was all like, “well for maximum slippage and slidage, you should probably fill them with…

To which he was like, “why would I bring in Crisco when we already have all that warm popcorn butter on hand?”

To which I was all like, “Yeah. Okay. Fine then.”

So! This weekend only!

The Raygun is proud to present TANNER DAYZ, featuring DJ Tanner and the only indoor hot buttered kiddy pool and slip and slide in Seattle.*

But don’t worry, we’re still hosting our MtG 2020 Core prerelease this weekend as well if you’d like to call in now to reserve your seats.

Also, WE ARE CLOSED on Independence Day, Thursday, July 4th FOR FREEDOM!

*don’t know about Tanner, but was totally kidding about all the Slip and Slide stuff so there’d better not be any goddamn butter on those floors when I get back in to town on Monday morning.