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Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to all of you for sharing and supporting our GoFundMe campaign. There were a couple of weeks there when it was the only thing that kept us going, not just financially, but emotionally. Seeing the value that you place on our shared space meant – and means – everything to us. Especially during our toughest days. As the result of the support we’ve received from you, our neighborhood, our community, retailer support from game publishers, the Small Business Association, and Umpqua Bank we are, indeed, Stayin’ Alive!

You’re Vinnie Jones! We were the guy on the floor!

We are thrilled to share that we have been able to secure the funds we need to pay rent, staff, and bills while we shelter in place per government orders, and will be taking down the GoFundMe.

Part of what your support has enabled us to do is – drumroll – launch a brand new online store! If you would like to continue to support us while we are closed and get yourself some great deals on our back inventory of great new and used games (all responsibly shipped through the USPS!) you can go HERE to do just that (administed our old friends over at Abecorn).

While you do that, we’re going to be safely and responsibly (face masks and social distancing for everyone!) renovating and refreshing the space (including the bathroom!) to be ready for your grand return.

We go to work. Like an architect.

We’re currently planning on quietly reopening on Monday, June 1st, and have updated our events page to reflect this. We are highly aware that these dates may change and will post again with updates if they do.

Thank you so much again. We all look forward to seeing you again soon and can’t wait to share the updated space with you as soon as we are allowed.