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To quote the iminent American cultural observer, Ronald Burgundy, “Wow. That escalated quickly.”

A timeline of our thinking-


“This is gonna be our best Comicon weekend ever. Let’s start our planning early, book out events for every day leading up and running through it and redesign our entire space to facilitate their success.”


“Things are really coming along great! Look at this awesome signage that we’ve got up a month early to promote all of our efforts!”

“No Pants Pinball! And the return of the region’s largest most important cosplay contest to our venue? This ECCC is gonna be crazy good.”


“Wait… they’re cancelling Comicon? Okayyy.. we can work with that, I guess… “

Last Week

“Aaand closing all of our neighbors? Okay, new plan! Use the now pointless cosplay runway we made to create social distancing between tables. Got it.”


“And now they’re closing us. Indefinitely. Without warning. I have feelings.”

This Morning

“I guess I’d better make some sort of official announcement for all of our regulars after I let our staff know how to apply for emergency unemployment benefits.”

So here we are. The Raygun has been asked to temporarily close by our State Governor in order to do our part to responsibly attempt to slow the spread of this fast moving virus that is sweeping our planet. Barring further requests from any of our government authorities, we currently plan to use this opportunity to forward our planned remodel and reopen to unveil it for you as soon as we can. We will update you if and as the state’s timeline and parameters for our reopening change.

Back to the grind…

In the meantime,