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That’s right! It’s time for Seattle’s favorite Labor Day Weekend event, Burning Man, Bumbershoot, PAX West! Or, as we like to call it, PAX, because, like coffee, IPA and weed, we invented that shit.

Seattle technicians hard at work on our next big cultural contribution.

And while you’re in town, you should come up and dig some more of our unique cultural flavor. We’re just a few short blocks away and we’ve got sweet events to entice you up all weekend long- starting this Thursday with our very own Geek Out Trivia Night.

trivia screen

Bring your best team of up to five and compete with local geeks for prizes and glory while sampling some of our finest local beers, ciders and meads- now on tap!

Glow in the dark D20 taps, no less!

Then, on Saturday, we’ve got Saturday Morning (by which we mean noon) Magic! Followed by our monthly POC Gamers Tabletop Meetup and PAX Crittercon, this year featuring swag!

“But wait,” I hear, like, one or two of you interrupting, “what about Friday Night Magic?, to which I retort, “Friday Night Magic is for suckas!,” and let you have it with my sweet triforce powers!

tri beer

Because Friday night’s when we drink Rainier Tall Boys and play pinball!

our beer will be delivered using the finest enlarge, animate and polymorph spells to ensure that it can get past the giant werewolves of Burien

Hand delivered to us by barbarians… on beerback? With giant werewolves… and stuff… okay okay… the Seattle technicians are still working on this one (see first picture of this post for more details on their methodology and progress on this important innovation).

But we do have pinball and you can come and play it with us! We even have some newer titles like Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy now!

Then on Sunday, we’ve got Mark Dago & Lord British coming in to rock the house with their nerdcore anthems.

And we wrap it all up on Monday night with our very special PAX Pride Boardgayme Night.


As always, you can learn more about these and all of our janky events on the Special Events page of our very own soon-to-be-rebranded (more on that in an upcoming post, be sure to tune in for all the exciting details!) Gamma Ray Games web page!