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Before I go any further, here’s all you really need to Know; we are OPEN noon until midnight, every day of the week, from Saturday, December 21st through Sunday, December 29th (closed Christmas Day) for all of your holiday gift buying and celebration space needs.

Got it? Good! Now on to our Thirteen Days of Christmas (yeah, that’s right! We do thirteen days of Christmas around here because we’re totally metal!)

Every day is Hallow… uh, Christmas. Every day is toootally Christmas. And metal. Very, very metal.

Our holiday celebration kicks off on Friday, December 20th with a Very Special Holiday Edition of our ever popular Gamer Grrls + Night.

Then kicks into high gear on Saturday, December 21st with our Very Special Christmas Draft at Noon featuring a guest appearance by Planeswalker Santa!

Planeswalker Santa’s totally been workin’ out!

Followed almost immediately by our annual holiday edition of our Seattle POC Boardgamers meetup at 7:00 PM

Sunday, December 22nd‘s a great day to come in with your friends and or family to drink some beer, eat some of our great new White Knuckle wraps and sandwiches (now with breakfast options!) and play some pinball. Say, have I mentioned that we just got a new Attack from Mars machine in?

Ag ag ag. Ag ag ag. (Which translates roughly to “I am not actually intellectually affiliated with that particular property.”)

On Monday, December 23rd we join with the Seattle Gaymers to celebrate Eric’s last day working behind the counter before he passes on to The Great Beyond (or. as it’s known locally, “Ballard”) in a solemn Viking-themed ceremony we’ve entitled, Saint Eric’s Day.

Then for a truly Magical Christmas Eve, Goodman Games’ Judge Zedd has partnered with Seattle D&D Meetup Group DMs Tim the Enchanter, Luis Alvarez and Oz Hizzelf to bring you three tables of what he’s calling RPG-Eves Day!

We will be closed for Christmas proper on December 25th because…

Hulk needs turkey, badly.

Whew! The mash up cuts do indeed run deep this holiday season!

Then we’ll be turning our attention back to retail for 36 hours so we can bring you our patented “Three Days of Fighting.” That’s right! Inspired by the great bare knuckled British Boxing Day day tradition but then taking it much, some would say “too,” much further, we will be open from Noon until Midnight, Thursday, December 26th‘s Boxing Day right on through December 26th‘s Karate Day and into December 27th‘s Ninjitsu Day (and lemme tell ya,’ buddy, nooobody but us celebrates Ninjitsu Day any more) with hard hitting deals like all gift cards worth 50% more (use up that gift money while it’s hot!) and all remaining white elephant gifts buy one get one free (while supplies last!).

But that’s not all!!! Because on Saturday, December 28th we have a Special New Years Edition of our Noon Magic Draft, on Sunday, December 29th we have a Special New Year’s Edition of our Queer Pinball Night, on Monday, December 30th, we have Special New Year’s edition of our Seattle Gaymers’ Gaym Night and finally, on the big night itself, we will be open until 2am so we can bring you our very own Very Special DCC RPG NYE Party.

After all that, we will return to our regular Winter Hours of 3pm – Midnight Weekdays, Noon – Midnight Weekends for January and February until we come back out of hibernation in March for Emerald City Comicon.

As always, if you want to learn more about any of this, you can go to our events page or email us any questions you may still have.

Thank you. I look forward to celebrating this holiday season with you and our many shared communities soon.