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With all of the COVID restrictions in place, it may be quite a while until we can go full Raygun around here again, but with the holidays coming up (and me starting to feel a little isolated and underutilized around the ol’ home office) I thought I should do SOMETHING with our space. So I’m gonna go old school. Just me (and maybe Javion here and there) in a little shop for a few hours a day (2:30pm – 6:30pm  initially) for a few days a week (Wed – Sat, starting Nov 4th). No big events, no gaming get togethers, no arcade (sorry kids, guv’s orders). Just you and I in a little socially distanced shop, with our masks on for safety, buying and selling cards, games and collectibles together for the holiday season. If you ever thought, “oh man, I wish I could’ve seen the original little shop that the old timers always talk about,” well, this is as close as either of us is ever gonna get.

So, this holiday season, please join me and the Ghost of Christmas Past, played by the legendary James Brown himself, as we come together to make it all mean something this year.