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Way back in… a long time ago… we hit our first 100 Facebook fans and decided to throw a spontaneous in-store giveaway party that we ever-so-wittily titled Facebook Fan Fantasy Festival Party Time (or FFFFPT for short). We had a lot of fun with it so we’ve thrown one for every 100 new fans ever since.

Every FFFPT is a little different. Sometimes we give things away, sometimes we give out discounts, sometimes we make them available to the first FB fans to identify themselves as such, sometimes we make them available for a limited time. However they work, they’re all triggered and announced the moment that we hit our next 100 fans.

As of this moment, we are 7 fans away from hitting 1,000 facebook fans, an event so momentous, so epic, that we’re calling it FFFFPT X.

And given how much interest and excitement our lounge kickstarter is generating, we’re probably going to hit it within the next few days. So keep your eyes out for a facebook post announcing FFFFPT X. You’ll know it when you see it because it will be attached to an image like this:

When you see it, get dressed appropriately,

and come on down to Gamma Ray Games for our FFFFPT X deal:

Buy 1 game and get a 2nd one of equal or lesser value for 50% off. If the combined cost of that purchase is $50 or more, select any one of our high quality pre-owned games for absolutely FREE. That’s a total of 3 games for half off!

That’s a deal right there!

See you all there!

Once it actually starts. While supplies last.