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That’s right everybody! Our favorite weekend of the whole darned year is BRAK!

Hey Buddy! Can you believe I’m a whole weekend now? Me neither!

And to celebrate, we’re offering deals in every area of our store! All Brak Friday Weekend long! Including!

Deals on Magic the Gathering!

Buy any MtG booster pack and get a second booster of Core ’20 for half off!

Buy a Throne of Eldraine Collector Booster and get a booster of Core ’20 for free!

Buy any Magic product for a child 8 or under and we will (question your life choices! and) give you a pack of these Magic the Gathering Crayons that I got in a PAX swag bag a few years ago!

Deals on Board Games!

Buy any new boardgame for $39.99 or more and get a second new boardgame of equal or lesser value for half price!

Buy any used boardgame for $19.99 or more and get a sceond used boardgame of equal or lesser value for free!

Deals on our sweet Raygun Merch!

Our 14oz table glasses (normally $5 ea, 4 for for $20) are only $4 each 4 for $12 for the weekend!


The very last of gold on coffee tees are only $10 each, $5 each if you buy any thing else! OMG what a frakking deal up in here!


Deals on Drinks!

How long can this list of deals go on?!??! What’s it gonna take to get you to get your sweet tuckus on in here RIGHT NOW!

$1 off your first drink of any kind (beer! wine! cider! chai lattes! hemp chai lattes! Dirty hemp chai lattes! Totally a thing!) with a retail receipt from any of our many great retail neighbors like Homestead, Art Primo and Retail Therapy! Shop there, drink here!

Dirty Hemp Chai Lattes of Doooom!!!

That’s right! All those deals! On all those things; Magic the Gathering, Boardgames, drinking glasses, t-shirts, coffee and beeeer! ALL. WEEKEND. LONG, Inlcuding

Brak Friday

Small Business Saturday

and even Hello Sunday

Yeah, that’s right, I watch NBC’s The Voice. I like reality competition shows. Yeah! I said it. Don’t you judge me! Don’t you f@cking judge me!!!