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Welcome to our new blog. Hell, welcome to our whole new website! Thanks Ben and Shuo for all of your great work on this. As things get bigger, bolder and more spread out around here, I thought’d be nice to have a place where we could still get together and talk about whatever’s on our minds.

Oh, I know, you’re all like, “wouldn’t a forum be better suited for that?,” to which I have to say, “hey man, one thing at a time, alright! Do you know how long I’ve been talking about just getting this blog up and running?” To which those of you who’ve spent time with me at the counter will probably say, “about 3 years,” in a slightly sarcastic tone that, yes I did notice, actually.

But we’re definitely coming along. This blog and website overhaul are part of our game lounge expansion which we’ll complete on August 15th in time to be ready for PAX and all of its related special events (we’re already in discussions with Privateer Press, Looney Labs and the Seattle Gaymers about possible PAX events and we haven’t even finalized our floor plans yet- I’ll get started on those later this afternoon).

So what can you do to support the new game lounge? I’m glad you asked. We’ll have a kickstarter page up in the next couple of days (heck, if all goes well, there might even be a link right here for it by the time this entry actually posts), buy yourself a drink, some swag or an event and let your friends know that they can to. It’s your space, after all. We’re just decorating it and keeping it clean and stocked for you.

Well, that’s it for me. I’ve got to get back figuring out exactly what a “push goal” is and why no one but me thinks that that sounds a bit naughty. I’ll be back here in a couple of days though to meet you, at the counter.

How about that witty catchphrase, eh?