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While there’s always a lot to talk about, (seriously, have you SEEN the new bathroom yet? Your eyes will be blinded by cleanliness), what we’re talking about today is — like it or not, ready or not — it’s December (yes, already).

And that means it’s time for our annual USED GAMES FOR NEW GAMES FOR FOSTER CHILDREN DRIVE wherein we ask you, the gaming community, to bring in your old games to us, so that we can turn them into store credit and use that credit to buy new games (kind of like making new cards in Hearthstone) that we donate to the Treehouse Wearhouse so that King County Foster Families can have free games for Christmas this year. It’s a great, completely free, way for you to share your passion and interests with some of our most deserving community members this holiday season so, please, by all means, bring in some used games for us to upcycle. You’ll be glad you did.

Stay tuned for posts about our new layout now that we’re Capitol Hill’s only game store/game lounge/art gallery(!), update on table reservations and space rental, and our new & improved December event schedule very soon. And if you just can’t wait, we’d love to see you. Come in anytime and we’ll bring you up to date. I’ll personally be at the counter all day this Friday and Sunday talking about things I can’t even imagine yet and happily answering all your questions.