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Or Facebook Fan Festival Party Time as it’s known on “the streets.”

It was a very good year …for FFFFPT!

Wow, what a great year. And to top it all off, we’re about to hit 1200 fans on facebook. As 1100 of you know and 100 of you are about to learn, every time we get 100 new fans on facebook, we declare Facebook Fan Fantasy Festival Party Time or FFFFPT as it’s...


Wow! Is it that time again already? No. Yeah. Well… maybe. I dunno that seems pretty cool anytime actually. No it’s almost time to FFFFPT 11! What the hell is FFFFPT 11? Well, as I discussed way back at FFFFPT 10, FFFFPT is where we celebrate getting 100 more fans on...


Way back in… a long time ago… we hit our first 100 Facebook fans and decided to throw a spontaneous in-store giveaway party that we ever-so-wittily titled Facebook Fan Fantasy Festival Party Time (or FFFFPT for short). We had a lot of fun with it so we’ve thrown one...